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Success Stories

Hope Medical Foundation has been fortunate to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful people. Here are some of their stories:

M.J.; Dana Point

"When I lost my job, I had no idea how I was going too take care of my family. As a single mother, with many health issues, I couldn't afford going to a doctor for a simple cold. Recently my child and I came down with a very sever case of bronchitis and I had no financial support needed to seek help. With the help of Hope Medical Foundation I got the medical help I needed. But that's not all, they were understanding and very compassionate. They didn't merely give me the money so I can see the doctor or for my medications; they gave me something far more important. They gave me a chance to help myself. They assisted me by referring me to a company that was hiring. they helped me to get back on my feet. I am now employed and am very grateful to Hope Medical Foundation for their kindness, they have done so much to help me and my family."

B.T.; Mission Viejo

" I was in a very bad auto accident many years back. Had received extensive medical care for an ongoing pain in my elbow and wrist. Through the way of my primary doctor I was sent to a orthopedic doctor who sent me for 24 sessions of physical therapy. After not getting any relief I was sent for an MRI of the wrist and elbow. I was also was referred to a neurologist for further review. There was no finding on the MRI report. I was sent to a pain management doctor who did series of injections and pumped me up with medications. There was no change in my pain. My auto medical benefits was exhausted and all of the doctors had no solution. I had to use my health insurance.  My neighbor referred me to a chiropractor. I spent three months going to him three times a week and my pain became unbearable. Finally through another orthopedic doctor I was told to try acupuncture and was referred to Dr. Ghaffarian. Unfortunately I had no acupuncture benefit through my health insurance and financially I was tappet out.

Dr. Ghaffarian's Evaluation on me and explanation was so different then all other doctors, but it made more sense. He also wanted an MRI of my neck and upper spine. I explained to him as much as pain that I am in at this time there is no way I can afford these expenses. He did try to get the insurance company to pay for the MRI but unfortunately they denied it. Dr. Ghaffarian told me of his foundation and he will see if I can get some assistance. He started to give me acupuncture treatments at no charge and he called around to see if any imaging centers can get me an MRI. With the help of the foundation I was able to get my MRI and finally found the cause of my elbow pain. It was coming from a bulge disc in my neck. Even though the acupuncture helped some what, Dr. Ghaffarian explained in the beginning that I ultimately need to have surgery. Thank you Dr. Ghaffarian and Hope Medical Foundation for all your support, time and kindness."
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