Health Opportunities for People Everywhere

Welcome to Hope Medical Foundation, a recognized 501-C3 organization. Our Mission is to create health opportunity for people everywhere. 


                                    A word from our founder

I, Mehrdad Ghaffarian, started Hope Medical Foundation with a deep thirst for aiding millions of people who have lost hope in our health care system.  I have been in the health care industry for over 20 years and as each year passed I have witnessed more and more individuals suffering from ailments that could have been prevented and resolved with just a little more compassion, understanding, reasoning, effort and love.  I have witnessed many people being turned down for medical services because of not having financial resources, enough medical coverage, or health plans not covering modalities that are beneficial to everyone, and denials from insurance companies even though services were medically necessary.
But that is not all our foundation seeks to restore. I believe that every community must help its people from our youth to our seniors in programs that will aid them from education to career finding, workshops, to just giving a helping hand to someone crossing the street. This is what Hope Medical Foundation is based on.  Our health is our biggest fortune. Lets join hands and give support to the biggest wealth, Health Opportunity for People everywhere.

We are continously trying to update our site. Our website is currently under construction. However you are welcome to browse through the site.

Hope Medical Foundation
30212 Tomas, Suite 180
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

For more details please call us at 949-206-1040.

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